David Miilmann


David Miilmann comes from a family of musicians, where he was introduced to classical music and singing at an early age. It was with the introduction to R’n’B and soul singers such as Curtis Mayfield, Freddie King and Aretha Franklin that David moved in the direction of soul and blues music. He found himself drawn to slide guitar and used it to emulate his favorite singers. With his soul and blues inspired slide guitar, he is constantly exploring new musical contexts by mixing slide guitar with jazz, rock and Brazilian music.

Buster Isitt


Buster Isitt was born and raised in a musical household in Stockholm, Sweden. Singing in a choir and taking guitar lessons at the local school sparked his interest in music and led to him participating in a number of different bands and projects during his high school years, both as a bandleader as well as a guitarist and composer. His playing and composing has a wide dynamic range. He utilizes pauses and silence in his music and also has a great sense of climax, dissonance and rhythmic development in his playing. He gets inspired by work that portrays a sense of sincerity. Musicians and composers such as Astor Piazolla, Egberto Gismonti and Pat Metheny, as well as other art forms.

Svend Feldbæk Winther


Svend Winther was born and spent most of his childhood and adolescent years in Copenhagen. He started taking Piano lessons at the age of 9 but it was his introduction to jazz and improvisation at the beginning of his teenage years that really sparked his interest. Svend strives to play with curiosity and a constant focus on interplay and listening. Idols and inspirations include Esbjørn Svensson, Norah Jones and Bill Evans.

Elias HP


Elias HP is a versatile musician. Growing up in a family full of working musicians has exposed him to many different genres and styles of music. Both as a composer and a bass player he uses this wide understanding of music, to serve the music in the best way possible. Through the Copenhagen upbringing, internationally acknowledged musicians such as Thomas Fonnesbech, Jesper Bodilsen, Mikkel Ribe, etc. have been close at hand and acting as mentors for the young, aspiring musician.

Theiss Nemborg


Theiss grew up in the suburbs of Holstebro in a non-musical household. His foundation was shaped in his formative years by his peers as well as his own curiosity for exploring the drum set. Theiss has a strong love to learn and play lots of different music, which also led to the discovery of his love for composing mostly with analog and modular synthesizers. Theiss has since then been playing in lots of different settings both playing synthesizers and drums with the goal of challenging himself and the listener and exploring the boundaries of music.